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Coffee was first grown in Hawaii in the early 1800's but with the profitablility of sugar cane and pineapple crops far exceeding that of coffee, commercial production was not a priority.

However, as the sloping land of the Kona region (located on the 'Big Island') was not suitable for growing sugar cane, coffee was grown instead. By the mid-late 1800's Kona coffee started to be recognised within the coffee industry.

In more recent times, with sugar cane and pineapple production moving to countries with lower labour costs, farmers looked for alternative crops and many turned to coffee or macadamia nuts. Much of the Hawaiian landscape provided perfect conditions for coffee cultivation due to abundant rainfall, rich volcanic soil and a sub-tropical climate, consequently the coffee industry has thrived.

Coffee is currently grown on all the major Hawaiian islands, Hawaii (aka the 'Big Island'), Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Molokai.