100% Kona Peaberry. Medium Roast. Whole Bean. 227g (8oz)
Supplier: Mountain Thunder

Direct from the Mountain Thunder farm in Kona on Hawaii's "Big Island".

100% Kona Premium Peaberry Coffee. Medium (Vienna) Roast. Espresso Grind.

Considered by many to be the ultimate in gourmet Kona coffee, Peaberry coffee is both rare and highly-prized. Peaberries occur when one of the two beans in the coffee cherry does not develop. This creates one large, egg-shaped bean instead of two half beans. Many coffee aficionados believe that this creates a roasted coffee bean with a more intense fruity flavor and ideal levels of acidity. Only about 4% of all Kona coffee is peaberry.

Note that the amount of Peaberry Kona Coffee is very limited and supplies can run out.

Roasted in the Mountain Thunder signature Diedrich Roaster to a Medium (Vienna) Roast.

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